Ministries, Sunday School & Bible Study

As part of the family of God, we believe that the Lord calls each member of the church to partake in certain duties or ministries of service . Some ministries include but are not limited to…….

  • The Nursery (Children1-2 years old)
  • Sunday school teachers
  • Ushers
  • Home improvement/repairs
  • Bus/transport
  • Video/media
  • Choir
  • Evangelism
  • Nursing home/Senior center outreach
  • Jr. Church
  • Food Bank
  • Visitation

Everlasting Nation Fellowship Ministry

We are Ray and Linda Watson


I am a native of Maine and Linda grew up in Virginia. Together we have been serving the Lord for more than forty years. For a number of years we have had an interest in the Jewish people and their religion, feast and customs. We are now putting our "interest" to something much more. We are working "full-time" reaching out with love and compassion to the Jewish people of the metro Boston area. About a quarter million Jewish souls live in this part of the country. They attend nearly 60 synagogues within a 20 mile radius of Peabody. We are seeking to win them to Yeshua Hamushiah (Jesus the Messiah). How? Bible studies in assisted living centers and nursing homes. Tract distribution in Jewish areas are us. Many Russians live here and many of those folks are Jewish as well. We are reaching out to them with Russian/Hebrew literature. At times, we attend functions sponsored by area synagogues or Jewish organizations to show our support for the people and the nation of Israel.

The group picture is one showing our Everlasting Nation Fellowship meetings. We hold these meeting each month seeking to encourage Jews and Gentiles to attend. We pray for our Jewish friends and contacts at these meetings. We also enjoy special music, some surprises, noshing (snacking) and some training in Jewish outreach. Always a message from the Word of God. By the way, the Bible was given to us by the Jews…..they wrote it. Our Saviour was born a JEW!!


We encourage you to "Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem"…..Psalm 122:6

Shalom, Brother Ray Watson Associate Pastor and Director of Hebrew Studies

Brother Ray Watson's Ministry Web Page: Everlasting Nation Fellowship